Promise made to Bd Alexandrina on 25th February of 1949:

My daughter, my dear spouse, tell souls that I be loved and consoled, and that I desire reparation to be made to me in the Eucharist.  

In my name tell all those who receive Holy Communion with sincerity and humility, fervour and love, for six consecutive first Thursdays, and pass one hour of worship, uniting their soul with Me before the tabernacle, that I promise Heaven. This is to honour my holy Wounds through the Eucharist, primarily that of my sacred shoulder so little remembered.  

Those who do this, who unite the pains of my Blessed Mother to the holy Wounds, and in their name ask for graces, be they spiritual or corporal, I promise to grant all requests if they are not a danger to their souls.  

At the moment of the death I will come to defend them, and bring my Blessed Mother with Me.