Building the world, and the desires, cravings of love and purity, continue in me. I want the world to be on fire with love, purity of body, soul and heart. I raise my eyes to heaven and cry often: How can this be done, my Jesus? What can I do so that the whole world will be purified, burn and live only for your divine love?

With these cravings I left the prison, and traveled many paths, strongly embracing my cross. I loved with all my heart the thorns that surrounded my head. The crown of thorns left a helmet of blood, blood which ran down my body and watered the earth. I felt that the Blessed Mother walked distraught, looking for me, or rather, in search of Her Jesus. She ran through the crowds to see where she could find Him. Her most holy Heart cracked, crumbled in pain, burst and dissolved into that of Jesus.

At the time of this suffering, the devil came to increase it even more. He tormented me to the utmost.

- You are willingly giving yourself to pleasure; you sin and there is no remedy for your sin. God does not exist, and if He did exist, there would be no salvation for you, so great is the evil of your actions.

Serve me, worship me, prostrate before me!

It seemed to say: I do not want Jesus, do not want the Blessed Mother.

What was my distress! I managed to say often: Jesus, Jesus, I do not want to sin!

When I said this, I seemed to have already sinned, and very seriously. I felt the pain that have already often spoken of. It seems to me that this pain cannot be human, such is its acuity; it seems to take life. Can it be the pain we cause Jesus with our iniquities?

Jesus came to give me the life I had lost through this pain.

- Courage, my daughter, courage, my spouse, courage, my victim! You didn’t sin, you didn’t sin!

It is your Calvary. Demons are your tormentors, they are the ones who scourge and crucify you. Suffer for my love, suffer for souls. Unite your pain to mine and to that of my Blessed Mother. Her pain is mine, yours is the reparation of my children.

At Calvary, I felt the soul of the good thief expire within my heart. With what peace he gave his soul to Jesus!

Night fell on Calvary, the whole ground shuddered and shook the cross. Jesus gave His spirit to the Eternal Father, as a large number of curious, the earth-bound, descended from the hilltop like ants.

Jesus came to soften the great pain and remove from me the fear that all this caused me.

- My daughter, universe of pain, universe of purity, universe of love: your pain, purity and love are redemption! What pain my Divine Heart feels, my daughter, to see my divine graces lost! That which I work in you, I have reserved for souls: it is an effective remedy, it is divine remedy. Is hidden, hidden because of the blindness and wickedness of men. Your life observed, read and preached will be the heavenly manna, a world of love is coming, a world of life and salvation.

This is the building that I have raised on you.

You are an angel of purity, because you are like the angels.

You are a seraph of love, because you love me with love equal to theirs.

It is by imitating you that the world will love me in the future. It is with your purity that it shall be purified.

Men do not take the medicine I have given them and which is appointed for souls. What they do not stop, because they cannot, is the continuation of my wonders in you.

What beauties! What charms!

I am the divine artist, working in you; and in you I operate the greatest prodigies.

Who contemplates you contemplates Jesus; who loves you loves Jesus; who imitates you imitates Jesus.

I have portrayed Myself in you, you are the most faithful copy of the crucified Christ!

The world will exult with joy to know what your life on earth was.

- O my Jesus, if it was false things which those who do not know me, and do not know how much You have been offended, spoke about me!..., but You speak, You who know everything, from whom nothing in my life is hidden, what shame and confusion for me!

You who remedy all evil, purify me and fill me with love, cover me with your grace, so that I can be the remedy for souls that You want me to be.

- Your martyrdom increases, the weight of your cross will redouble. The scent of your virtues will fill and radiate the world.

Heaven descends upon you, the angels surround you because you are an angel in the flesh.

The love of seraphim burns up you because you are like this same seraphic love. It is with this love that the world will be saved; it is with this fire that it will set alight.

Heaven praises me for your martyrdom, it praises me in place of those souls who, if they knew you, would give praise to me. Heaven supplies the place of the earth; angels do what men do not let be done.

Save me souls. Take comfort, rest in Me.

I inclined to the face of Jesus and rested a little. I received His divine love intensely. His heart did not fit in my chest; if Jesus did not take it off quickly, my heart could not resist, could not stand such a fire. I feel it burning, despite having already spent a few hours. This fire does not give me joy, does not give me strength in my bitterness. I can fight, I can carry my cross with more love. That's what I want: to suffer everything perfectly, to console Jesus.